~~When it comes to "reinventing", Sonya "Sam" Mitchell and Carla "The Truth" Youngblood are giving the word a brand new meaning! This duo is on the move and they are just getting started!

Sonya, a Sales Executive for 25 years, is a natural when it comes to creativity. With her excellent writing skills and unique style of photography, she has created beautiful stories throughout the years. Becoming so career driven at an early age, she never seriously pursued her passion...until now. She wants to show and tell real life stories about real life people. In her opinion, everyone has a story. Today, Sonya is taking the film industry by storm, starting with her first documentary titled Jesse "Speeks".

And, that's "The Truth" says business partner Carla Youngblood. Carla, who's long time profession in Accounting as a CPA was spent laughing at herself in order to keep from crying while chasing numbers day in and day out. Finally, she decided enough is enough! Today, Carla ain't no joke...she just tells them! As a little girl, Carla was the family jokester and now she is making audiences laugh from the big stage!

Sonya "Sam" Mitchell and Carla "The Truth" Youngblood are doing what they both love and that's entertaining others. As a result, we now have...MY Entertainment!

And, that's not all. Helping others is vitally important to Sonya and Carla! Visit to learn how they are giving back.

MY Entertainment...Photography, Writing, Film, Acting, Speaking & Comedy




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